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The Battle for Truth

Run With It

God loves us so much, he sent his Son Jesus Christ to die on a cross for our sins so we could be free from eternal punishment in hell; free from slavery to sin day-to-day; and free to walk in daily fellowship with him, listening to him, and doing what he teaches us (see John 9:23-25). Yet, many people who profess his name do not give God the honor due his name. They do not show him proper respect.

Even many of the leaders in our churches show contempt for his name. How do they do this? They do this through teaching a false gospel absent of the cross, i.e. absent of death to sin and obedience to Christ’s commands. They also do this through empty praise and worship to God, for truly they are followers of humankind more than they are followers of Christ, and they live to please…

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Happy New Year…

Along Life's Path...

Photo:Hammond Coates Photo:Hammond Coates

(an acrostic prayer)

Holy Father, giver of grace, the one who forgives and the holder of all time, we come in this time to worship You!
Approaching Your altar of mercy, we bow in humility and adoration with thanksgiving for Your love that bids us come and worship, O God.
Pour out Your cleansing water on us today, Father. Make us acceptable in Your sight, through the blood of Your Son, Jesus.
Pursue us, Father, in Your grace, for sometimes we run from You because we are so ashamed and we cannot comprehend a love like Yours.
You make all things new, Father, even this time we call minutes, hours, days, months and years. Make us new to fit the newness we find in You.

New, this span of time we call New Year, is a time we would draw nearer to You, O God. May we indeed…

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