This Christmas

This Christmas . . .

I’m decorating my heart,
with the wrappings of His love.
Tying a ribbon around my soul,
with His blessings from above.

I going to avoid all the malls,
and stop not at a single store.
The only present I will give,
is the One that will restore.

I’m giving the gift of forgiveness,
sending cards about His grace.
I’m letting the glory of His birth,
beam across my thankful face.

I’m opening up my home,
for everyone to come and see.
The light of His beauty,
so to celebrate His birth with me.

I’m serving a dish of Christmas joy,
and offering up God’s good cheer.
We will feast upon His holiness,
and rejoice that our Savior’s here.

I’m baking Him up a special cake,
singing to Him a birthday song.
And a slice of His love and mercy,
I’ll give out for all to take along.

I’m giving the offering of Jesus,
at naught at cost to me.
I’m sending out the message,
there is One gift that is free!

Copyright 2011
Deborah Ann Belka


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