My Poetry

My Poetry

CHRISTian Poetry by Deboran Ann

The Lord has given me a ministry in sharing His truth, love, and the message of salvation  and hope through poetry. I use  simple words, that pack a lot of meaning, and I speak from my heart as the Holy  Spirit leads me to discover His truths.  I pray that you will be blessed as your read them and that the Lord will speak to your hearts and souls.

Permission is  granted for you  to print and or share poems off this blog. Please use or print them as they are and with ALL  copyright information and without any changes or deletions. They can be used for non-commercial use only, in bulletins, newsletters, sermons and for sharing with family and friends. Reprinting for resale or profit, in any form, is strictly prohibited.

©2019 Deborah Ann Belka – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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