Some People

Some people are depressed,
and feel there is no hope.
Some are dishearten,
and find it hard to cope.

Some people are lonely,
and feel that life is unfair.
Some are all alone,
and have too much to bear.

Some people are lost,
and feel they’re out at sea.
Some are just drifting,
and floating in their perplexity.

Some people have a purpose,
and feel there is always a way.
Some people have a plan,
for a brighter, clearer day.

Some people put their trust,
In a God that will overcome.
Some know He has His reasons,
and to His will they succumb.

Some people have no direction,
some can clearly see the path.
Some people are off course,
some know to stir from His wrath.

Some people believe in Jesus,
some never heard His name.
Some people lives He has saved,
Some He still needs to claim.

For all the lonely people,
without direction or a plan.
Turn your life over to Jesus,
and let Him do, what only He can!

by deborah ann ©
Copyright 2011


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