My Anchor

I thought I could sail,
and coast along the way
until I got caught in a
storm the other day.

I wasn’t really ready,
for the tempest ahead of me
for these once calm waters
were becoming an angry sea.

As the wind began to blow,
it threw me off my chair
and when it started to howl
it gave me quite a scare.

But, I held on to the wheel,
and aimed for the shore
I stepped on the gas
with the pedal to the floor.

As the sea began to churn,
I saw I wasn’t going anywhere
So, I threw in my anchor
and knew I had to prepare.

I clung onto my faith,
and prayed with all my might
I hung onto every promise
that He’d guide me in His light.

As the waves tossed and turned,
I gathered up my trust
and quoted from the Scriptures
with each and every thrust.

When the storm was finally over,
and I was safely at the dock
I was glad that I set my anchor
to the One I call my Rock!

by deborah ann belka
Copyright 2011


One response to “My Anchor

  1. versical

    December 19, 2011 at 9:11 am

    I thought I would take a look at your site and I’m pleased that I did. this poem is great it is simple but very powerful and you have a gift that you should develope. God Bless, Mike.


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